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Basic Package | Basic Plans | 08 MBPS @13 Dollars/Month


To provide reliable, affordable, and high-quality internet services to our customers.

To exceed our customer's expectations by providing excellent customer service.

To be a responsible corporate citizen and to give back to the community.


Provide fast and reliable internet access: Customers can be able to connect to the internet quickly and easily, and Their internet connection won't interrupted.

Offer a wide range of services: We are also offer a wide range of other services, such as domain name registration, web hosting, email, and cloud storage. This gives customers the convenience of having all of their online needs met by a single company.

Be affordable: Customers will get the best possible internet experience without breaking the bank. We will be more likely to attract and retain customers.

Provide excellent customer service: When things go wrong, We can help quickly and easily. We will be more likely to keep customers happy.


To provide reliable, high-speed internet access to our customers at a competitive price.

About Us

Bighub Co.,Ltd is one of internet service provider company. Established in 2018.

Bighub Company is a fast growing Company, we are a services provider on IT networking & Service Support, Telecommunication & Corporate Internet Service Engineering with innovative technical.

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Our Services

Course #1


You can order a new internet connection.

You need to provide your contact information, address, and desired plan.We will arrange schedule an installation appointment.You need to pay a one-time installation fee.

You start enjoying your new internet connection!


We will contact to us at least 10 days before your contract expires.

You can request to extend your contract for another term. You can review the terms of the new contract and agree to them.

You can continue enjoying your internet service!


You can contact to us and request to change your plan.

You canreviews the available plans and choose one that meets your needs. You need to pay for change fee.

You can start using your new plan!


You can contact us and request to terminate your service.

You need to provide us your account number and the date you would like your service to be terminated.

Your internet service will be terminated on the specified date.

Our plans

Residential Package


This plan for browsing and surfing on your internet on daily bases.

  • 08Mbps Subscribe
  • 15Mbps Subscribe
  • 25Mbps Subscribe
  • 50Mbps Subscribe
  • 100Mbps Subscribe

Residential Package


This long plan alsofor browsing and surfing on your internet on daily bases.

  • 08Mbps Subscribe
  • 15Mbps Subscribe
  • 25Mbps Subscribe
  • 50Mbps Subscribe
  • 100Mbps Subscribe

Commercial Package


This plan is easy for work from home, streaming 4k videos, content creators and professional gamers.

  • Start from 1 day subscribe

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